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Ongoing success in the organic and natural food industry with logistics automation

An efficient solution for intralogistics processes is essential when it comes to meeting the rising demand for organic and natural food products. Swisslog offers a wide range of services for every stage of your supply chain – all from a single source.

Strategic advantage on the road to success

  • Proven industry expertise with success stories in production and distribution logistics, retail order processing and online shopping dispatch.
  • Energy-efficient, automatic pallet storage and reliable small-volume handling
  • Software solutions along your entire supply chain
Leading organic and natural food companies rely on intralogistics from Swisslog

Alnatura, Germany: High-bay pallet warehouse and small-volume shuttle

Alnatura's distribution center in Lorsch, which features particularly sustainable construction and operation, stands 17.5 meters high and is built entirely of wood. This new logistics center will reduce CO2 emissions – thanks to improved insulation and natural cooling, there is no need for artificial air conditioning.

Swisslog's CycloneCarrier shuttle system has enabled Alnatura to centralize their warehouse logistics of small-volume organic items for the company’s expanding network of stores. This environmentally-friendly solution shortens transport routes and allows Alnatura to manage a larger range of articles.

VIDEO: Alnatura's sustainable distribution center

Driving sustainability in the supply chain 

With GreenLog, Swisslog is boosting sustainability in logistics by providing energy-efficient solutions and more economical processes. Click on the items below to learn more.

Swisslog sustainable corporate governance
  • People are at the core of our sustainability strategy

    Our Think Red: Go Green program places greater focus on sustainability throughout the company and encourages all our employees to take action.

    Learn more.

  • Energy-saving products and processes

    Swisslog enhances the sustainability of its supply chains through energy-efficient solutions and more economical processes. Our portfolio clears the way for higher productivity by shortening order processing times and allowing us to respond to changes more quickly. Coupled with our technical focus on sustainability, this generates a number of benefits for the environment.

    Learn more.

  • Corporate social responsibility in procurement and the supply chain

    A sustainable supply chain meets the demand for materials, goods, utilities and services in an environmentally-friendly, responsible and ethical manner. External and internal suppliers must fulfill all aspects of compliance and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

    Learn more.

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