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E-grocery Fulfillment: Reliable, scalable automation that improves speed and efficiency

As e-grocery sales increase, grocers need a strategic approach that supports same-day home delivery and curbside pickup. The right automation technology and software can provide this support and deliver needed productivity and speed. With Swisslog, grocers have a range of automation solutions to choose from to fit their e-fulfillment strategy. 

Flexible, data-driven, robotic automation

Swisslog automated warehouse solutions can help move your e-grocery fulfillment beyond manual picking. 

Whether it’s a hub-and-spoke arrangement, a bolt-on store automation approach, micro-fulfillment centers or a fully automated grocery store, Swisslog has the expertise, as well as the automation technology and software to support your e-grocery fulfillment strategy. 

Our flexible, data-driven and robotic solutions enable grocers to meet rapidly changing customer demands while allowing them to leverage new technologies as they emerge. Get started automating your e-grocery facility today.

The E-Grocery Automation Playbook

The shift to online ordering has demanded the attention of virtually every grocery operator. As the volume of e-grocery continues to rise, grocers are in need to navigate these complexities and implement successful micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) and larger e-grocery fulfillment centers (EFCs). The latest Swisslog e-book unpacks the evolution of e-grocery, navigates the dynamic market, and changing consumer behaviors. 
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E-Grocery Shopping Habits in the U.S.

With unmatched experience implementing micro fulfillment center (MFC) solutions for grocers, Swisslog has acquired a wealth of e-grocery data.

The E-Grocery Dilemma: What is the right approach?

Swisslog vice president of retail and e-commerce sales, Colman Roche, discusses the challenges grocers face as they evaluate their options for dealing with the rapid growth in e-grocery sales. How long can grocers continue to satisfy demand with in-store manual picking without creating congestion and threatening profitability and what are their alternatives?

Watch the Webinar | Forget Everything You Think You Know about MFCs

As more grocers get real-world experience operating micro-fulfillment centers, new e-grocery fulfillment best practices are emerging, and more sophisticated approaches are being adopted that enable levels of productivity and speed that weren’t possible several years ago. Swisslog’s market-proven e-grocery solutions are automating order fulfillment for some of the world’s leading grocers like H-E-B, The GIANT Company and Rohlik. Join our global solutions team as we cut through the complexity of e-grocery fulfillment and discuss lessons learned from these installations.

  • The latest data and insights, including MFC strategies and technologies from Interact Analysis
  • Discover the distribution strategies that are emerging to meet e-grocery fulfillment needs of most operators
  • Understand the technologies best-suited for e-grocery automation and why software is one of the most important considerations
  • Learn how e-grocers are reducing their costs through automation