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Is There an Ideal Size for Micro-Fulfillment?

Colman Roche
11. August 2021
Retail & E-Commerce
What you should know about micro-fulfillment centers.
With 80% annual growth since 2018, it is clear that micro-fulfillment centers are on the rise. They are becoming a powerful tool to help companies conquer the last mile and move product closer to consumers. 

But do they need to be micro? After all, it’s in the name. It turns out the size of micro-fulfillment centers are varied, often dependent on the application, objectives and volumes being handled. 

In this new video, Colman Roche, Swisslog vice president of retail and e-commerce sales, talks about how your business model and a variety of other factors can actually impact the size and strategy of your micro-fulfillment center. 
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Pers_Colman Roche
Vice President, E-Commerce/Retail, Swisslog Americas

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