Welcome to the annual logistics seminar in Båstad, Sweden

Join us in a visit to Lindab's new distribution center, on Wednesday 29 August. Swisslog's annual seminar offers an exciting program focusing on the digital future of logistics, properties and automation.

The seminar will include an eventful day with insights from Per Olof Arnäs, Miroslav Anic, Dag Jarlson and Lars Hultén. They will tell you all about the digital future of logistics, properties and automation and Lindab's distribution concept. The seminar is free of charge and we would like to receive your registration before 10 August. The seminar will be held in Swedish.

Per Olof Arnäs

Per Olof Arnäs has been working in, around, and with the logistics industry since the late 1980s, both as a professional and as a researcher. He holds a PhD in logistics from Chalmers University of Technology (where he now is a researcher) and has also worked as a developer building sustainability tracking systems for the freight industry. His main focus of research is the digitalization of the industry, both how it can be accelerated and also the effects/implications of it. Apart from his research he is a podcaster. His podcast (Logistikpodden, in Swedish) is the largest logistics podcast in Sweden. He loves the 21st century.

Miroslav Anic

Miroslav Anic is responsible for Lindab's distribution center and has a burning interest in finding the most efficient supply chain. Miro has long and broad experience in various parts of logistics and during his Lindab career he has worked on developing logistics and the design of Lindab's distribution concept. The distribution center is the foundation of the concept that Miro, together with Swisslog, developed into the current solution.

Dag Jarlson

Dag Jarlson is the Supply Chain Manager at Lindab and one of the architects behind Lindab's new distribution concept. Dag started his career at Lindab in IT at the Swedish sales entity, where he was responsible for BI, ERP-systems development and E-commerce. Then he switched to project management and business development and finally ended up in logistics and supply chain. Dag is interested in how IT, people and processes can cooperate, especially within the different parts of the supply chain.

Lars Hultén

Lars Hultén is the CEO of Swisslog Nordic. He has devoted his career to supply chain and operations management. Lars has a burning interest in IT and technology as a potential for efficient supply chains. It is the interface between IT and logistics as well as mathematics that Lars is fascinated by. "Today's fast technology development and new opportunities to store and process information is a fantastic development that will greatly transform supply chains in the future."

Registration and questions

Send an e-mail to evalena.fasth@swisslog.com before 10 August to register. The seminar takes place at Lindab AB, Stålhögavägen 117, 269 92 Båstad.

Feel free to contact Evalena Fasth for any questions.
Email: evalena.fasth@swisslog.com
T: +46 142 557 11

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