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Swisslog AutoStore does the heavy lifting for RoboStores in Dubai

David Dronfield
den 18 augusti 2021
Retail & E-Commerce
Lästid: 6 minuter
GULF NEWS VIDEO: Swisslog is proudly partnered with RoboStores LLC in Dubai, offering its customers ultimate performance and increased storage capacity with AutoStore.

RoboStores operates from an automated warehousing and fulfillment center in Dubai, providing customized solutions for various e-commerce businesses.

Productivity is key, and therefore the technology learns when a certain product is particularly popular and stores it near the top of the system. It then takes just 29 seconds for the bin to be delivered to an operator ready to be shipped. 

Picking accuracy is another important factor for RoboStores to prevent a costly returns process and disappointed customers. Swisslog pick by light technology shines a light on the correct compartment to pick from, ensuring the operator does not pick the wrong item.

Watch the movie from Gulf News

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David Dronfield

David Dronfield is General Manager of Swisslog Middle East LLC

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