Swisslog wins Warehouse Tech of the Year award at KSA Logistics & Transport Awards 2023

Swisslog, a global leader in data and robotic-driven automated logistics solutions, has announced its coveted win for the award category Warehouse Tech of the Year at the KSA Logistics & Transport Awards 2023.

The warehouse automation industry is growing exponentially. The rapid growth of e-commerce, e-grocery and retail industry post the pandemic has changed consumer behavior. According to recent reports, by 2025, up to 50% of all e-commerce orders will be processed by autonomous robots. The average order fulfillment time will decrease from 4 hours to 30 minutes by 2028. In order to reduce the order fulfillment times and satisfy the customer needs, there is a need for companies to introduce automation aids in the fulfillment of agile and nimble order delivery, hence proving the benefits of automation are certainly worth the investment and effort. 

At the awards ceremony in Riyadh, Swisslog was recognized for its cutting-edge technology solutions that are transforming the warehousing industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company's innovative solutions are designed to increase efficiency, accuracy and safety in warehouses and distribution centers, and they have been highly praised by customers in the region.

One of the technologies implemented by Swisslog is AutoStore, a unique and simple solution that uses robots and bins to quickly process small parts orders. It provides better use of available space than any other automated system thanks to its unique design that enables direct stacking of bins on top of each other and storage of multiple SKUs in a single bin. Over time, the system naturally learns which products have a higher rotation, storing them on the top layer to ensure faster picking times. AutoStore is particularly well-suited for businesses that need to store a large number of small items, such as e-commerce companies, retail, grocery stores, and manufacturers. 

Due to its efficiency and flexibility, it is also used in other industries such as automotive, electronics, food and beverages and more. Swisslog is the leading integrator of the AutoStore system in the Gulf region, and one of the leading integrators globally. AutoStore is an expert in streamlining processes with software and subsystems such as conveyors or robotics.

"We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Warehouse Tech of the Year award," said David Dronfield, General Manager, Swisslog Middle East. "It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are honored to be recognized for our contributions to the warehousing industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

Swisslog will continue to invest in developing innovative solutions that help its customers meet the evolving needs of the industry, and it is committed to being a leader in the warehouse automation space in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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About Swisslog

Swisslog delivers data-driven & robotic solutions for your logistics automation alongside reliable, modular service concepts. Collaborating with forward-thinking companies, we are committed to setting new standards in warehouse automation to provide future-proof products and solutions. As part of the KUKA Group, our customers trust the competence of our passionate employees – more than 14,000 people working across the globe.

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