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ANSTO, Australia: Increasing safety and eliminating manual lifting in a high security site  

Automated processes has bolstered benefits for health and industry sectors 

Video: Pallet automation improves safety & traceability

Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

ANSTO conducts some of Australia’s most important national scientific research and operates much of Australia’s landmark and national infrastructure, including one of the world’s most modern nuclear research reactors, OPAL.  ANSTO, which also produces nuclear medicine vital to the Australian health industry and undertakes research critical to many other industries, is now using a new Swisslog automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS).
Barrels at the Inspection Station

Safety a priority

The automation solution has eliminated manual handling and risk at the warehouse and provided an inspection table where a turntable is used to safely and easily observe all barrels. Once examined, they proceed to be stored within the ASRS. Swisslog’s SynQ software coordinates the storage of the barrels within the ASRS and determines their optimal positioning to limit human exposure.
The Vectura crane safely storing drums

A customised solution

ANSTO partnered with Swisslog to develop an automated solution that would provide a seamless interface to ANSTO’s HOST system for reporting and ASRS zoning.  The solution has improved operational efficiencies and provided timestamp tracking; for the monitoring of radiation levels.  The ASRS safely stores over 900 individual pallet locations, and the low weight mast design deploys Swisslog’s GreenLog concept to apply regenerative power and deliver industry-leading efficiency. The intuitive SynQ software retrieves drums to an ergonomic pallet inspection station, which allows operators to safely monitor and track every unit.

Partnering with Swisslog was a natural move due to their vast knowledge and experience both locally and internationally and their ability to tailor the solution to meet our needs. This automation has created end-to-end traceability, is seamlessly integrated with our HOST system and has improved overall warehouse productivity

Paula Berghofer, General Manager, Waste Management Services, ANSTO

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