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Swisslog, a global leader in automation solutions, is excited to announce the release of its latest whitepaper update, "Implementing Warehouse Automation in Brownfield Sites."

This comprehensive guide delves into the challenges and benefits of integrating advanced automation in existing warehouses, offering innovative solutions to boost efficiency and productivity.

The whitepaper emphasises the adaptability of modern automation systems, highlighting their ability to seamlessly conform to irregular building shapes, work around obstacles, and function in spaces with low ceilings. It addresses the misconception that older facilities are unsuitable for automation, showcasing success stories that prove otherwise.

Cost savings take center stage, with insights on how automation can be tailored to compensate for uneven flooring and other challenges. Swisslog's site assessment process is introduced to help warehouse operators evaluate their facilities for automation potential while maintaining safety standards.

The whitepaper also focuses on minimizing disruption during implementation. It demonstrates how modular automation technologies can be phased in while manual processes continue.

To gain further valuable insights into optimizing existing facilities for enhanced productivity, download the full whitepaper here.