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TJ Morris, UK: Automated solution to handle increased volume

TJ Morris Ltd, trading as Home Bargains, is one of the UK’s fastest growing discount retailers. Their aim is to offer the lowest prices in the UK on top quality, branded goods.

New facility designed to handle increased volume

The new facility in Amesbury is designed to handle the increased volume. As general contractor, Swisslog was responsible for the automated material handling and warehousing solutions of this new distribution center. 

Project delivery was smooth and seamless – the project was delivered and handed over two weeks ahead of schedule. The site is equipped with energy saving technology and designed with green principles in mind.

Watch the video: Project time lapse of the new facility in Amesbury, UK. 

Clean, calm and controlled working environment

Swisslog’sCaddyPick, a semi-automated case order-picking system, forms the heart of the solution at Amesbury. The integration of CaddyPick has revolutionized the working environment for TJ Morris:

  • CaddyPick offers simplicity of picking; inducting new operators is now quick and efficient.
  • CaddyPick automates the removal of pallets and waste; ensuring a clean, calm and controlled working environment for operators.
Watch the video: Swisslog’s CaddyPick offers simplicity of picking.

Swisslog came to us with a fantastic reputation specialising in the design of flexible solutions and developing systems that would help manage substantial growth. Their innovative solutions and forward thinking convinced us that they were the best partner for this growth project.

Joe Morris, Operations Director at TJ Morris


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