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Stand-alone AutoStore projects in 6 months

Looking to revolutionize your storage of small parts? A stand-alone AutoStore deployment can speed your operation, increase throughput and improve working conditions. This space saving storage and order picking system can be realized in stand-alone settings in as little as six months, thanks to Swisslog’s very lean project set up.

Fast deployment and rapid return on investment

  • ROI within two years typical for stand-alone AutoStore projects.
  • Achieve more from the same workforce, thanks to improved productivity and working conditions.
  • Consistently higher quality and faster, higher throughput from robotized storage and order processing system
  • SynQ AutoStore or SAP EWM software, developed in-house by Swisslog, embeds intelligence in the operation and optimizes warehouse automation.
  • Global project expertise from hundreds of projects in 26 different countries.

From our first project in 2010 to over 300 around the world today, Swisslog has passed many milestones to become the number 1 integrator of AutoStore globally.

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