AutoStore: Space saving storage and order picking system for small parts

Do you want to store a large number of small parts while increasing storage density and remaining very flexible? AutoStore is a highly efficient robotized storage and order processing solution that integrates easily into existing buildings.

Movie: Swisslog is number 1 integrator with more than 300 projects implemented worldwide

Storage and picking in one compact robot system

AutoStore is a unique and simple solution that uses robots and bins to quickly process small parts orders. It provides better use of available space than any other automated system thanks to its unique design that enables direct stacking of bins on top of each other and storage of multiple SKUs in a single bin.

Over time, the system automatically learns which products have a higher rotation, storing them on the top layer to ensure faster picking times.

AutoStore’s modular, fully scalable design, makes the system future-proof: To increase throughput simply add more robots. Its flexibility also makes it easy to integrate into existing buildings without needing any additional construction work. The system’s unique redundancy means there is no single point of failure. If one robot breaks down, another takes over its tasks.

Each robot is extremely energy efficient, using just 0.1 kW of energy per hour – 6 robots use the same as a toaster! This low energy consumption combined with low maintenance costs makes for a very favorable total cost of ownership (TCO). With a low investment, AutoStore achieves efficient processing at integrated goods-to-person workstations. People don’t need to walk long distances to pick products, the robots deliver goods directly to pick stations to reduce picking times.

  • Optimized performance

    AutoStore’s preconfigured software package has a SAP/EWM connection, allowing you to orchestrate warehouse processes and plan resources better.

  • Manage peak times

    Increase performance during peak times by adding innovative ItemPiQ robot cells to relieve your workers of boring repetitive tasks.

  • No. 1 integrator worldwide

    With more than 300 projects sold worldwide, we are the AutoStore experts.

  • Implemented in 6 months

    Thanks to our knowledge of standard stand-alone systems and lean processes, Swisslog is capable of installing projects in as little as 6 months.

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Why use Swisslog’s expertise with AutoStore?

  • With more than 300 projects sold worldwide, we are the AutoStore experts and know the challenges our customers face.
  • System easily integrates into other Swisslog subsystems including conveyors, robots and software, thanks to predefined standards.
  • Ready for future growth: AutoStore can be used with manual picking stations or combined with Swisslog’s ItemPiQ robot cell, giving you the option to automate picking step-by-step. 
  • Integrated into Swisslog’s Software SynQ. In addition to the core processes you get access to analytical tools. These will help you evaluate better and make smart decisions in your warehouse.
  • Proven algorithms, processes and ergonomic operator screens enable maximum performance from the overall system. Standard connection to SAP/EWM ensures reduced integration costs and increased flexibility in labor planning. 

What if you could double storage capacity without any additional construction? That is exactly what Competec did!

We have a solution which works and not only increases satisfaction for our customers, but also ensures highest profitability.

Roland Brack, founder of Competec / BRACK.CH

Swisslog wrote the book on AutoStore

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