Mayflex UK Limited, part of the Sonepar Group, is a leading distributor of converged IP solutions such as infrastructure, networking, and IP security solutions. In 2023, the electronics distributor needed a solution to automate their small parts handling to enhance their workflow, boost efficiency, and address labour sourcing challenges.

Introducing 14 Maybot robots

Swisslog was selected for the design, construction, delivery, installation, and commissioning of an AutoStore system within Mayflex’s existing site in Birmingham.

The system comprises 14 R5 RedLine robots – nicknamed ‘Maybots’ – serving over 17,500 storage locations. The solution also includes four ergonomic workstations, a service mezzanine, and a separate fire escape. 

Enhanced service levels

Mayflex aims to improve its service levels significantly through the introduction of AutoStore. The technology allows for a more efficient processing of orders, especially beneficial for customers requiring same-day dispatch or purchasing at the trade counter.

The company targets an increase in its already high accuracy rate from 99.93% to 99.96%. This improvement, while seemingly minor, represents a significant reduction in errors over the year, contributing to higher customer satisfaction.

Designed with sustainability in mind

AutoStore will enable the consolidation of customer orders, reducing the number of separate consignments sent to customers. The system also selects the smallest possible outer packaging for each delivery, minimizing the use of void filler.

The introduction of ‘crash lock boxes’ eliminates the need for tape, making packages easier to open and reducing waste. Additionally, AutoStore operates with greater energy efficiency, leading to a notable reduction in power usage.  

See the Maybots in action

Technology in distribution has significantly moved on and with our investment in AutoStore and the introduction of the 14 Maybot robots, we can enhance our service levels further. Working closely with Swisslog the project has run extremely well taking 7 months from start to finish. I am delighted by how the team has worked together and delivered the project on time and within budget.

Sam Baldwin, Operations & Services Director, Mayflex

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