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Enhancing supply chain sustainability

Through GreenLog Swisslog is advancing supply chain sustainability with energy-efficient solutions and less wasteful processes.

GreenLog is our comprehensive program for improving supply chain sustainability through our solutions and business practices.

With GreenLog-branded products, you can be confident you are getting the most energy-efficient solutions for your supply chain, supported by an organization committed to sustainability.

Designing for sustainability

Our portfolio of data-driven, flexible and robotic material handling solutions enables increased productivity, shorter order cycle times and faster response to change. Those same qualities, supported by an engineering focus on sustainability, enable a range of environmental benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • Our Vectura crane uses a unique low-weight mast design and regenerative power and braking modules to deliver industry-leading efficiency while retaining outstanding performance and reliability. 
  • The CarryPick goods-to-person solution features energy-efficient robots and a modular design that can extend the life of an existing warehouse, eliminating the environmental impact of new construction.
  • Our PowerStore automated storage and retrieval system enables storage density 60% better than manual systems, which is particularly important in energy-consuming cold storage facilities.

Driving continuous improvement

Through GreenLog, we have a systematic process for continuing to advance the energy efficiency of our solutions and sustainability of industry processes. By analyzing the energy consumption of each of our solutions based on scenarios that reflect real-world operating conditions, we will provide our customers with expected energy consumption data for each solution to support their equipment selection decisions. We’ll also use this data to drive further reductions in energy consumption across our portfolio. We are also analyzing current material handling processes to identify opportunities to increase sustainability

Together these initiatives will focus our development efforts on areas where we can have the greatest impact on our customers’ businesses and set new standards for the industry. 

Engaging with the industry

Enhancing supply chain sustainability requires collaboration across the industry. We work closely with our customers throughout our solution development process and participate in various certification programs and environmental organizations. All of our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and many are ISO 14001 certified. In addition, we are actively involved in EcoVadis and SEDEX.

When you work with Swisslog you not only get industry-leading efficiency, you get a partner who is as committed to sustainability as you are. 

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