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CarryStar: A fully automated layer and stack picking solution

Do you need a solution with minimal fixed infrastructure, maximum efficiency and without the need for conveyors?

Movie: CarryStar - Combining flexibility & efficiency  

The new CarryStar - A fully automated layer and stack picking solution

Developed here in Australia by Swisslog's Senior Consultant Paul Stringleman, CarryStar (launched July 2018) is a new automated solution, that utilises fixed and mobile robot technology, to solve a common warehouse problem in a new and transformative way.

Named CarryStar as the word “Carry” refers to the team of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that transport pallet loads of goods around the inside of the system, while the word “Star” refers to order picking robot(s) that are in a star configuration.

CarryStar is a highly flexible and fully automated solution for order fulfillment without dependence on conveyors. This scalable and modular solution is suitable for small, midsize and large layer and stack picking operations.

With minimal fixed infrastructure required and the ability to grow with your business, CarryStar is perfect for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Pharmaceutical companies looking for a hygienic and efficient warehouse automation solution for picking of crates and cartons.

The CarryStar solution is unique as it picks product directly from source pallet to order pallet(s), without the use of conveyors. Therefore, it is a clean, flexible and low-cost solution that caters to a wide range of warehouse applications.

Providing precise sequencing and high order accuracy, this system creates a reduction in warehouse labour costs and increases picking efficiency. CarryStar is a future-ready, innovative, modular and scalable solution to improve intralogistic efficiencies in existing and new warehouses.

CarryStar is a fully automated layer and stack picking solution for order fulfilment using four components:
(1) KUKA KMP600 or KMP1200 automated vehicles to transport pallets within the solution
(2) A pallet buffer that stores single SKU pallets ready for picking
(3) KUKA StarRobot order picking module
(4) Swisslog’s dynamic SynQ software that manages all interfaces, processes, communication and inventory management between the sub-systems and host

  • Flexible

    The solution requires minimal fixed infrastructure (i.e. no conveyors) making it very flexible, hygienic and cost-efficient. 


  • Scalable

    The modular and scalable solution is designed to grow with your business and ensure a continuously efficient warehouse operation.


  • Fast

    Automated layer and stack picking increases picking quality and quantity as one robot palletizes up to 200 layers or stacks/cartons per hour.
  • Sustainable

    Safe and energy efficient design provides excellent traceability of expiration dates and batches as pallets are scanned when they enter and leave the system.


What makes Swisslog's CarryStar right for your warehouse operation?

  • Swisslog's CarryStar provides a high degree of flexibility and utilises the approach of KUKA’s Smart Factory concept to ensure your warehouse is future-ready
  • CarryStar connects all sub-systems of the automated warehouse solution with SynQ, Swisslog’s warehouse management software, to increase warehouse efficiency and process quality in a sustainable manner
  • Enhances productivity as CarryStar converts source pallets into order pallets (i.e. negative picking)
  • Maximises productivity with an attractive return on investment
  • Can be installed in a new or pre-existing warehouse as the only requirement is a flat floor
  • Safe and energy efficient design that provides excellent traceability of expiration dates and batches/lots