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Swisslog Australia and New Zealand appoints new Sales Manager, Elke Pistono

Swisslog Australia and New Zealand’s (ANZ) new AutoStore Sales Manager, Elke Pistono, sees great potential for the local market to capitalise on the space-saving efficiencies of grid-based automation.

Swisslog Australia and New Zealand’s (ANZ) new AutoStore Sales Manager, Elke Pistono, sees great potential for the local market to capitalise on the space-saving efficiencies of grid-based automation.

Elke has spent the last three and a half years managing AutoStore for production and e-commerce businesses for Swisslog in Europe, and she is excited by the potential in these and a huge range of other industries locally.

“AutoStore is space-efficient, lean, and productive warehouse automation system, which means that the realisation, installation, and payback times are very quick,” she says.

Swisslog is a world leading AutoStore integrator, with more than 400 projects globally including the most number of AutoStore installations currently in Australia.

“Swisslog’s SynQ software is a major asset to AutoStore installations. Not only is it highly customisable, but it can also attach to other systems in the warehouse – such as conveyors and shuttles – and is so user-friendly, new users can learn it in 15 minutes,” says Elke. 

Elke will work with Swisslog ANZ AutoStore Business Development Manager Ken Chen to bring the uptime, accuracy, and availability of AutoStore solutions to companies across Australia and New Zealand as part of the Sales and Marketing team led by Sean Ledbury.

“Swisslog has a proven local track record of delivering AutoStore solutions, and the addition of Elke and Ken will allow us to broaden this offering to many smaller companies that may not have previously considered automation as achievable,” said Sean.

AutoStore is a high-density cube-based automation solution that uses robots and bins to quickly process small parts orders. Its unique design allows the direct stacking of bins on top of each other, and multiple SKUs in a single bin, thereby maximising use of available warehouse space. AutoStore solutions implemented by experienced Swisslog automation engineers can typically deliver the same throughput with a 60% reduction in warehouse space.

“Because of its grid-based design, an AutoStore system can fit around existing warehouse structures, and can be extended later on as businesses grow and change,” says Elke.

“Just about any small part can be stored in an AutoStore system, which makes it ideally suited to e-commerce, and a broad range of industries such as building and construction, electrical, OEMs, spare parts, and more,” she adds.

AutoStore is also a highly energy-efficient system, with each robot using approximately 0.1 kW of energy per hour. For comparison, 10 robots would use the equivalent of a toaster.

“I’ve seen a mature e-commerce market in Europe, and I’m already seeing signs of Australia and New Zealand moving the same way – for energy-efficiency, space-saving, and cost-saving reasons. Now is an ideal time to get ahead of the competition and investigate the short payback times on AutoStore systems,” says Elke.

“With property prices and interest rates continuing to rise in Australia, better warehouse space utilisation can make the difference between needing two warehouses and doing it all within one, which can have a large impact on profitability, too,” she adds.

“Having a quickly installed, scalable warehouse automation system, with plug-and-play software has been a game changer in Europe, and I’m excited to see how AutoStore integrated by Swisslog can benefit companies locally.”


Ruby Wannous
Marketing Executive
Swisslog Australia Pty Ltd

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