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MODEX 2018: Swisslog will showcase future-ready robotic, data-driven and flexible automated solutions

Swisslog Logistics Automation will demonstrate a variety of scalable, future-ready solutions designed to give customers the flexibility to meet changing demands at MODEX 2018 (Booth B4047), April 9-12, 2018 at Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center. Software, smart data and flexible, scalable automation solutions will all be featured as part of Swisslog’s strategic initiative to help companies keep pace with Industry 4.0.

Robotics Demonstration: ItemPiQ

Swisslog’s ItemPiQ is designed for repeated, reliable single item picking to fulfill fast delivery of orders at low operational cost. It perfectly suits the requirements of companies in the e-commerce, retail and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to parent company KUKA’s LBR iiwa robot and its sensitive handling properties, ItemPiQ can pick and place fragile items, and offers intuitive operation. The robot is mounted on a space-efficient, portable platform containing all the necessary equipment, and allows complete flexibility. 

ItemPiQ can pick a broad variety of items recognized by the intelligent vision system, which is able to detect grasping points of unknown items and thus simplify the learning process. ItemPiQ can easily cope with changing assortments. Its multifunctional gripper can handle a wide range of diverse products thanks to four different grasping methods, selected according to the products being picked and placed. It can pick up to 600 items per hour depending on the items’ size, shape and weight. The system is easily combined with Swisslog's other intralogistics solutions, such as AutoStore and CycloneCarrier.

Flexible, Scalable Goods-to-Person Automation: Introducing New CarryPick KMP600 AGV

The Swisslog exhibit will also showcase the new CarryPick solution, an automated storage and order fulfillment system that is a flexible, scalable asset for delivering high value to customers in multi-channel fulfillment operations. CarryPick’s automated guided vehicles continuously supply workstations with mobile racks. This flexible new approach to automation supports different sizes and weights of products, provides the ability to add racks and AGVs quickly as storage volume increases and enables equipment to be easily moved from one warehouse to another.

The CarryPick system’s new KMP 600 AGV was developed in close collaboration between KUKA and Swisslog and is manufactured by KUKA. The new AGV offers a number of distinct advantages, including:

  • Highest performance and reliability through a fully integrated system that includes not only the vehicle but the system software.
  • Comprehensive service by the KUKA and Swisslog global support network.
  • Superior mechatronics that make the AGV much quieter and enable a more ergonomic workspace.
  • Increased battery run-time and reduced ecological footprint through weight reduction.
  • Great system stability for reduction in downtime and better WIFI capabilities.
  • Highly competitive cost structure due to standardization across other KUKA product lines.

The new CarryPick system will be the most powerful, attractive and future-proof automated storage and fulfillment solution on the market.

Swisslog’s Warehouse of the Future is based on the interplay of robotics and artificial intelligence

“Future ready automation” is the theme Swisslog will showcase at MODEX. Visitors will be invited on a trip into the future where the lines between physical and virtual reality are increasingly blurred. Robotics systems are seamlessly integrated with Swisslog’s innovative SynQ software services. Big data and AI technologies pave the way for the self-learning warehouse where the flow of goods optimizes itself based on the intelligence embedded in the system components.

Booth visitors can interact with virtual and augmented reality applications for an up-close-and-personal look at the added value that virtual warehouse planning and pick-by-vision picking deliver. In addition, Swisslog will demonstrate how speech recognition makes day-to-day warehouse operations easier, with the Alexa voice assistant engaging in a live dialog with the SynQ software platform.

“Robotics and artificial intelligence are the key technologies for the smart warehouse of tomorrow,” said Markus Schmidt, President of Swisslog Logistics Automation for the Americas Region. “At MODEX we will demonstrate how the flow of goods in the automated warehouse can be orchestrated even more efficiently and intelligently in the future with our SynQ software.”

Swisslog experts to present educational seminars at MODEX

David Schwebel, Senior Director of Business Development for Swisslog’s E-Commerce/Retail business segment, will present Accelerating the Pace of Last Mile Delivery on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 12:00 – 12:45 PM in Theater A. Companies are turning to swifter alternatives to the traditional supply chain to remain competitive in a world where customers demand quicker and quicker delivery – not just same-day, but within hours of clicking “order”. This session will focus on the characteristics and operations of last mile / urban fulfillment centers and the opportunities for practitioners and suppliers alike.

Rupesh Narkar, Director of Sales for Swisslog’s Production Intralogistics business segment, will present Production Intralogistics of the Future on Monday April 9, 2018, 10:30 – 11:15 AM in Theater E. Traditionally, the production arena has focused on automating manufacturing processes to reach higher capacities and efficiencies. However, achieving a reliable, accurate and quick material flow to and from manufacturing cells/lines remains a challenge. Typically, there is little to no technology deployed in material flow leading to and from manufacturing that can complement the already highly automated manufacturing processes. Both Tier1 and OEM manufacturers are now intently focused on the opportunity to increase productivity by automating their material flow. Today, it’s possible to implement state-of-the-art automated material flow solutions that can accurately store, retrieve and transport goods faster without sacrificing reliability. In addition, these new automation solutions offer both flexibility and scalability, and are easily rationalized in modern production environments. Dynamic systems that can store and retrieve goods, intelligent algorithms that can optimize storage space and provide real-time tracking, and state-of-the-art conveyance systems that can transport goods from storage to assembly lines/cells are all being implemented in sophisticated production environments today. The “Production Intralogistics of the Future” has arrived and will be the focus of this presentation.

Swisslog at MODEX 2018 – Booth B4047


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