Since our first installation in 2010, Swisslog has quickly grown to be one of the world’s number one integrators of AutoStore.

In 2016 Swisslog became the first one-stop supplier of AutoStore with SAP EWM. The first project with Swisslog SynQ AutoStore Software was in 2018. In early 2022, we passed 300 projects worldwide, and expect to pass 350 by June 2022.

Return on Investment within 2 years

Swisslog customers typically achieve a return on investment (ROI) for AutoStore installations within as little as two years. Projects range across three main categories: micro-fulfillment centers (MFC), stand-alone projects and large, complex, fully integrated solutions.

Using robots and bins to quickly process small parts orders, AutoStore provides better use of available space than any other automated system. As well as being space and labor-saving, AutoStore improves productivity, quality and security. 

  • 26 countries

  • 300 AutoStore projects

  • 10.000 robots

  • 7.000.000 storage bins

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