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Barcella Elettroforniture Spa, Italy: partnership continues with third AutoStore plant expansion

In 2017, Barcella Elettroforniture Spa, an electrical equipment distribution company, commissioned Swisslog to implement the AutoStore compact automated storage and retrieval system, which optimized storage density in the existing building, improved performance, and provided numerous benefits in terms of warehouse reliability, flexibility, and scalability.

Partnership continues with the third expansion of the AutoStore facility

The particular flexibility and scalability of the solution is what has enabled Swisslog to support Barcella’s steady growth, resulting in a first AutoStore automated warehouse extension in 2018, a second in 2019, then a further expansion in 2020.

Some advantages: 40% better picking productivity than vertical warehouses; 100% increase in 3m3/3m2 storage coefficient compared to vertical warehouses; and improved service levels.

With AutoStore, Barcella has increased its level of service for its customers with faster deliveries.

For us at Barcella Spa, having a partner who can respond to our needs and in some cases anticipate them is essential. Swisslog meets these criteria, which is precisely why we have joined forces for the third extension of our Autostore facility. For us, working with the Swisslog team means professionalism and proactivity, I can only say that we have found a real Partner.

Matteo Ghisalberti, Logistics Manager, Barcella Elettroforniture SpA

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