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UNIL, Norway: Smart and efficient UNIL automated warehouse

UNIL is a key supplier of Norgesgruppen’s private label products with over 2,500 lines. Its new centralized distribution center in Våler, Norway features a fully automated and integrated material handling system for palletized ambient and frozen foods.

Optimal Space Utilization

Automation has increased storage density by optimizing space ulitization. Lead times to fulfil customer demands are reduced, while pallet load sequencing also optimizes outbound transport routes.
The facility can easily be extended if order volume rises.

Increased SKU range and shorter lead times

The automated 31-meter-high, high-bay warehouse has enabled smart and highly efficient fulfilment. UNIL has been able to increase its SKU range and shorten lead times. High density storage of frozen food saves energy and increases storage capacity.
Vectura stacker cranes for storing and retrieving pallets

We have transformed our service from being one of the worst to one of the best.

Jarle Kjelingtveit, Supply Chain Manager, UNIL

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