Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH based in Legau, Germany, is Europe's leading producer of certified organic, natural and vegetarian food. It placed its trust in Swisslog for its extensive expansion of the logistics center in Bad Grönenbach, Bavaria. It chose a pallet high-bay warehouse with Vectura stacker cranes combined with the ProMove pallet conveyor system.

Rapunzel invests in its supply chain processes with automated systems

For growth and efficiency

In light of positive growth forecasts and constantly increasing customer demands for delivery capacity, Rapunzel chose to expand its logistics center by 11,200 square meters to a total of 24,200 square meters.

In addition to expanding the space, the aim was also to streamline the flow of materials even further. Stefan Schmaus, logistics manager at Rapunzel Naturkost, explained, "We want to manage our company growth with the same quality as before, but with greater capacity and faster processing." 

Pallet logistics with cooling area at Rapunzel

Highly modern high-bay warehouse with conveyor technology 

Rapunzel operates an automatic high-bay warehouse system with 7,560 pallet spaces. It features a double-deep design and offers 605 picking positions on the lowest level. The high-bay warehouse includes six aisles with six Vectura stacker cranes, a highly modern, reliable and durable pallet technology. The ProMove automatic conveyor peripheral system ensures the transport of pallets with a maximum load of 1,500 kilograms.

We placed our trust in Swisslog's specialized expertise in logistics and the food industry.

Stefan Schmaus, Logistics Manager at Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH