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System Optimization: How can I bring out the best in my warehouse?

Protect your investment while decreasing operating costs by leveraging our extensive automation expertise and in-depth understanding of multiple industries. With our help, you can determine the best way to get the most out of your facility, reduce costs and streamline material flows.

Optimize your warehouse. Ready for Industry 4.0.

Optimizing your warehouse with us can achieve more than simply maximizing efficiency. We have the expertise to identify and enable alternative material flow, improve utilization of your installed equipment, and upgrade system software. Upgrade your logistics for Industry 4.0.

Logistics Optimization

We evaluate your logistics flow, eliminating unnecessary activities, streamlining picking, and reducing waiting times at staging areas.

Energy Optimization

We can optimize your energy consumption, reducing energy use and realizing significant savings.

WMS Optimization

Leave it to us to optimize your entire system and operations, making your warehouse more dynamic and increasing long-term flexibility. Learn more about our flexible software offering.

System Optimization to improve your intralogistics.

Local experts, globally connected

Our software and control experts together with our key account managers visit your facility to identify possible improvements. Following our review, we provide you with a detailed report with recommendations to keep your warehouse ready for the future.

Your Benefits:

Identification of potential process improvements

Detailed report based on our review

Recommendations for upgrades, adjustments or new implementations

Swisslog expert visiting Fossil material handling facility.

The Swisslog design team have shown great aptitude in understanding the needs of our business, and demonstrated a willingness to customize the application to meet our requirements.

Ant Everett, ASDA Logistics Services

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