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Training: Could better trained staff improve the long-term performance of your automated warehouse?

We offer up-to-date comprehensive operator and safety training programs to help you optimize the use of your warehouse automation systems. Through classroom or hands-on training, your employees can improve the long-term performance of your system, quickly resolve errors and prevent downtime.

Enable your employees

Throughout the training program, our qualified trainers assess the technical skills of your team or specific employees and develop tailored training plans to enhance their competencies and encourage safe working practices. 

Your benefits:

Employees enabled to quickly resolve errors

System performance enhanced long-term

Warehouse safety records improved

Lost skills from employee turnover reduced

The training program is tailored to your needs.

Always up-to-date: Swisslog training programs

We provide a range of different training programs, keeping your employees up-to-date in a variety of ways:

Classroom training

On-site safety training

Hands-on training to increase picking efficiency

Topics suggested by performance

Safety training at Roche intralogistics facility.

A wealth of experience and absolute reliability are the foundation for our long-term cooperation.

Hans Reimann, Logistics project manager and senior project manager at Roche

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