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Livzon, China: Automated logistics system

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. in Zhuhai, China integrates development and research, production and sales of pharmaceuticals. It has over 100 pharmaceutical products and approximately 1,500 customers. Swisslog was chosen from several suppliers as the logistics automation partner for the new site.

Automated logistics system for pharmaceuticals

The automated logistics system designed and implemented at Livzon Pharmaceutical by Swisslog consists of:

 23.5-meter high-bay warehouse

 15 pallet cranes, pallet and case conveyor

 KUKA palletizing robot

 Linear and loop shuttle car systems

 Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

 Swisslog warehouse management system and control software

Swisslog material handling solution at Livzon

Logistics automation for quality, compliance and growth

With an annual revenue growth of 30 percent and the increasing quality requirements of the Chinese medication market, Livzon built a new production and distribution site in response.

The company believes the logistics system designed by Swisslog will meet the demands of its production facilities well into the future.

Key facts and figures:

25,620 pallet locations in high bay warehouse

78 dynamic picking locations in finished goods shipping area

3 temperature controlled areas for different storage requirements

Livzon is one of China’s top 50 leading pharmaceutical companies

The system went through the ramp-up stage after pilot production in November 2013, and is currently operating well, with all key performance indicators meeting specifications. We believe the logistics system designed by Swisslog will meet the demands of Livzon’s production facilities in the future.

Li Yan, Supply Chain Director of Livzon Pharmaceutical

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