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IMA, Italy: Warehouse automation for machinery components

I.M.A. SpA is a leading company in the design and production of automated machines for processing and packaging pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and various food and beverage products. IMA chose Swisslog AutoStore for its new automated warehouse dedicated to components for packaging machinery.

Automation halved operating time and reduced space requirement by 80 percent

Currently working just eight hours per day, IMA’s AutoStore system:

• Reduced operating time by 50 percent

• Reduced space required by 80 percent

• Infeeds 90 lines per hour (720 per day) 

• Outfeeds approximately 340 lines per hour (2,720 per day).

AutoStore system shortened the ramp-up phase at IMA

AutoStore automated small parts storage system

IMA’s AutoStore automated small parts storage system efficiently picks and stores single items and small cases to make better use of available space and to increase efficiency at integrated goods-to-person workstations.

The AutoStore system at IMA contains 25,000 bins and provides approximately 63,000 locations by subdividing bins internally into 2-3 compartments.

AutoStore has given IMA a much higher picking rate

Thanks to the Swisslog AutoStore solution we do now in 8 hours and in 500 sqm what we did before in 16 hours and 2800 sqm.

Daniele Zanarini Warehouse Manager IMA

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