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Competec /, Switzerland: Fast on-time delivery of consumer goods

Competec Group, known under the brand BRACK.CH sells more than 80,000 items from 1,000 manufacturers of IT, electronics, home and garden, family and leisure goods directly from its warehouse. To keep pace with growing demand and customer requirements for fast, on-time delivery, Competec has installed one of the world’s largest and most advanced AutoStore systems in its 55,000 square meter distribution center near Lucerne in Switzerland.

Scalable solution tracks growth for e-commerce

Click&Pick provides Competec with a scalable state-of-the-art storage and picking process, with the capability of handling an increasing number of small quantity orders.

All inventory bins can be delivered by any of the robots to any picking location, providing virtually 100 percent access at all times.

Competec Group distribution center at Willisau near Lucerne

Efficient processing of small batch sizes

AutoStore enables Competec Group to achieve a high storage density. Robot vehicles quickly and efficiently handle storage and retrieval of items stored in bins.

The new, scalable and highly advanced system has enabled Competec to quickly and efficiently process a growing number of small batch sizes, scaling up the facility as the business grows.

Individual item picking at work stations
René Fellmann, Président Competec Logistik AG

The new system helped us cut our labor and operating costs significantly.

Roland Brack, founder BRACK.CH / Competec

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