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Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Heijen takes care of the logistics behind all e-commerce orders for Rituals Cosmetics. Fast growth and an ever-changing market meant a swift upgrade was necessary to keep with the times. Arvato and Rituals found the ideal solution at Swisslog.

The moveable carts with target cartons are placed right and left from the AutoStore picking stations.

One-stop-shop integrator

The two companies looked for an automated system that was scalable and flexible to enable further growth. The system also had to be able to handle a peak output of more than 25,000 orders per day.

Just as important for Arvato was the wish to have one point of contact; one system integrator with one software system that controls all other systems and provides feedback to the WMS.

As the main logistics contractor, Swisslog was responsible for the implementation and integration of an AutoStore system complete with moveable carts and controlled by SynQ software.

AutoStore system empowered by Swisslog has a storage capacity of 36,000 bins.

Fully integrated storage of hazardous goods

The unique AutoStore system, powered by Swisslog, plays a central role.

To be able to store gases, aerosols, and flammable liquids in the AutoStore system, a special bunker facility was installed. This makes the AutoStore system at Arvato, as far as can be ascertained, the first system in which the storage of hazardous substances is fully integrated.

The decisive factor was the way in which Swisslog as a system integrator takes on the entire project. In that respect they really took a head start over other providers.

Maurijn Hellenthal, Senior Logistics Engineer at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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