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Swisslog launches a comprehensive guide to AutoStore integration

Swisslog, a leading AutoStore integrator, is pleased to announce the publication of its new e-book, "Making AutoStore Work for You." This educational resource provides valuable insights into AutoStore, an advanced automation solution for warehouses seeking storage density and productivity.

AutoStore revolutionizes warehouse operations by utilizing a fleet of small robots that retrieve and deliver items in a coordinated manner. Guided by intelligent software, the solution optimizes storage space and enhances operational efficiency.  

"Making AutoStore Work for You" empowers readers to understand AutoStore's capabilities, configuration options, and ownership experience, while offering valuable guidance for determining its suitability for their business

The comprehensive e-book also explores the impact of software on performance and flexibility, provides strategies for optimizing AutoStore configuration, and emphasizes the importance of tailoring AutoStore to specific processes. Additionally, it delves into the potential of robotic item picking, showcasing how businesses can leverage AutoStore's advanced capabilities with Swisslog's integration expertise. 

"Making AutoStore Work for You" is now available for download at Whether you aim to enhance storage efficiency or optimize operations, this e-book is an essential educational resource to navigate the world of AutoStore. 

For more information about Swisslog's AutoStore integration solutions, please visit

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