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Swisslog and KUKA join forces to strengthen CarryPick

Buchs/Augsburg – Global warehouse automation specialist, Swisslog, in close collaboration with  the KUKA Group, strengthens CarryPick by bringing the mobile goods-to-person system in-house.

CarryPick, an automated storage and order fulfillment system, is a flexible, scalable asset for delivering high value to customers in multi-channel fulfillment operations. The CarryPick system’s new KMP600 AGV was developed in close collaboration between KUKA and Swisslog. Synergies have allowed for a number of technical enhancements that make the AGV suitable for use in multiple industries. The CarryPick solution will be globally supported as part of the KUKA portfolio.

The joint power of KUKA and Swisslog

Combining the research and development power of Swisslog and KUKA has resulted in a new CarryPick solution that will deliver the highest performance and reliability through a fully integrated system that includes not only the vehicle but the system software.

Better mechatronics make the vehicle much quieter and enable a more ergonomic workspace, while also increasing battery life.

According to Dr. Christian Baur,  COO Swisslog Group & CEO Swisslog Logistics Automation, “Aside from the distinct advantages of the new system, it also comes with comprehensive service from our global support network. Its stability leads to better results for our customers by reducing downtime and improving WIFI capabilities.”

This new approach will offer Swisslog and KUKA customers the ability to interact with a single supplier, lower risk and support from a global service network. “We are now able to perfectly integrate all components, adapt them quickly to new market challenges and test them in diverse scenarios,” added Dr. Baur. “This will yield advantages that will make the new CarryPick system more easily aligned to customer needs.”

Customer needs in focus

With all components of the CarryPick system, from the AGV through software and support, located in-house, Swisslog will be able to further develop the entire solution to meet exact customer requirements. A dedicated team of experts will collaborate closely with the customer, ensuring answers to the most important questions and service assistance are available from a single source.

Swisslog and KUKA also identified software as a critical factor for a seamless and positive user experience. With a specific CarryPick module within Swisslog’s new SynQ software platform, the customer will no longer need to run several different software systems, reducing the risk of errors and downtime.

The SynQ software offers operational processes specific to Swisslog solutions and customer industry segments, which means that users are able to choose the precise functionality they need. This modular design improves cost effectiveness. SynQ customers will also have access to virtual and augmented reality functionality that will give them the opportunity to see how the CarryPick system will operate prior to implementation and serve as a training tool for new hires/pickers in a warehouse. Furthermore direct interfaces between the augmented reality and the actual KMP 600 hardware can enable an engineer or operator to address hardware or software issues without being a dedicated technician or skilled engineer.

“Since we have control over all elements of the platform we will constantly update and add features to provide the best solution across the entire lifecycle of the solution,” concludes Dr. Baur.

For further information about Swisslog’s modular storage and order picking system, CarryPick, visit here >>

About Swisslog

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