QuickMove: Flexible, modular conveyor system for small loads

Do you want to achieve high throughput, while remaining flexible and increasing efficiency in your warehouse? QuickMove is a modular conveyor system for handling totes, trays and cartons.

Modular conveyor system for your small loads warehouse

The QuickMove conveyor system can transport a wide range of small loads like totes, trays and cartons of up to 50kg.

This modular system connects your warehouse and makes sure that you have a smooth material flow. The conveyor system provides an additional layer of safety and reliability for transporting critical goods, ensuring they reach their destination on time.


QuickMove modular and flexible conveyor system for small loads

With performance of up to 2,200 items per hour, the systems are used when high throughput is needed.

They perform equally well in ambient and chilled temperatures between 0°C and +45°C. The conveyor system comes with a wide range of modules that can be adapted to meet your warehouse requirements. It generally consists of roller conveyors with 24 V roller-drive and belt conveyors.

The module range includes straight conveyors, alignment conveyors, curves, mergers, diverts of 30° or 45°, and transfers of 90°. Also, sensor positions can be easily changed and adapted.

  • Easy maintenance

    Smart design of conveyor and electric systems allow easy access to rollers and belts for maintenance.

  • Tailored solution

    Conveyor modules can easily be adapted to your needs and integrated into other Swisslog or third party warehouse systems.

  • High performance

    Maximize your Warehouse performance with a throughput of up to 2,200 items per hour.

What makes Swisslog’s QuickMove conveyor system so unique?

  • Swisslog has a long experience in the implementation of conveyors for customers in different industries worldwide.

  • Integrated into other Swisslog subsystems like AutoStore, CycloneCarrier or Tornado.

  • Smart Software Integration: Full visibility and access to your conveyor’s data with proven standard interfaces.

  • Efficient integration with a 3rd party ERP, WMS or WCS or any type of automation.

  • Integrated cable channels for easy installation.

  • Reduced downtime with a smart maintenance concept: Very few tools are required for maintenance and installation.

  • Easy top access for maintenance of belt conveyors and clip assembly for rollers.

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