The hidden value of expert Service Engineers

11 dicembre 2023
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In the world of logistics automation, precision and reliability are fundamental. Behind the scenes, there are dedicated professionals who ensure that every piece of automated equipment runs seamlessly. At Swisslog, our service engineers are the driving force that makes it all possible. In this post, we'll explore the pivotal role played by our service engineers in the Middle East and how they bring significant value to our customers.

The heart of warehouse automation

Warehouse automation has revolutionized the way businesses function, and our service engineers stand at the core of this transformation. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the flawless operation of the automated systems we implement within our customers' warehouses. 

In the words of one of our dedicated service engineers, Maskurdeen Jalaludeen: "Performance and service excellence are key differentiators in the Middle East. We keep the cogs turning, ensuring that our customers' warehouses run smoothly and profitably."

Our service engineers are more than just technicians; they are true partners in the progress of our customers. Their role goes beyond maintaining machines; they are essential contributors to our customers' success. Maskurdeen says he builds a friendship with his customers to maintain a strong relationship: “Our customers trust us to keep their businesses in continuous motion. Always serving them with a smile and good manners also goes a long way in achieving customer satisfaction.”

Swisslog Service Engineer

Elevating the Middle East warehouse automation landscape

Understanding the unique demands of the Middle East's dynamic business environment is crucial. Our service engineers leverage their local expertise to keep our customers ahead of the curve. 

Yokesh, another one of our service engineers, elaborates: "We're not merely servicing automated systems; we are raising the industry's standards. Our regional knowledge ensures that our customers remain leaders in their field."

Our service engineers have a range of daily responsibilities that revolve around ensuring the smooth operation of our customers’ systems. They excel at turning negatives into positives by proactively addressing challenges. This includes providing operational support, expertly handling errors, offering SynQ software assistance, and conducting planned preventative maintenance. In the event of a breakdown, they actively engage in on-call support, swiftly troubleshooting and resolving issues to bring the system back to optimal operation, ultimately transforming setbacks into opportunities for improvement.

At Swisslog, we are not content with merely providing services. We aspire to establish enduring partnerships with our customers. Trust is the foundation of our service, and our engineers are committed to nurturing lasting relationships. In the words of Yokesh: "We believe trust is the cornerstone of our service. We are here to build enduring partnerships, to grow with our customers on their journey to excellence."

The Swisslog Difference

Our differentiator lies in our unwavering dedication to the warehouse automation industry. Our service engineers are not just experts; they are your allies in your pursuit of success. As Yokesh emphasizes: "We're not just servicing systems; we are shaping the future of warehousing. Your success is our success."

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