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Virtual Leadership: Same People, New Paradigm

4 marzo 2022
Career & Culture
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77 percent of employees believe implementing new technology will improve their work experience. But being technologically savvy begs the questions: How can today’s leaders create the buzz for employees who need that extra connection?
Market Analyst Aleksandra Laskowska and Global Change & Development Consultant Alex Martin explore how traditional leadership needs to adapt across the automation industry to enable us all to meet the needs of our customers while truly engaging all colleagues, wherever they are working. Some of his key statements:
Alex Martin, Change & Development Consultant

"The pandemic has not only changed the way people and leaders work, but it has also highlighted some serious questions about the kind of leaders we need to thrive in the post- pandemic work landscape."

"What is truly important is how leaders share their knowledge, demonstrate care for people and the world around them, and make real connections."

"People are trying to connect using social media, intranet, webinars and even with blogs; but they are still missing the mark, particularly from a personal perspective."

"It is leader that serves the people and the organization in which they lead. Swisslog wants to encourage partnership through collaboration with colleagues and customers."

"Anyone wanting to move into leadership needs to truly understand who they are, what their motives are, and ask themselves some key questions."

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