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Pizzoli Piattaforma Logistica

Pizzoli SpA, Italy: frozen foods warehouse automation

The Italian company, specializing in the cultivation, processing and sale of fresh and frozen potatoes, selected Swisslog to build its new automated warehouse, designed for the future growth of the company.

The recipe for optimization

  • Streamlining storage to centralize all logistics activities
  • Immediate availability of all goods
  • Better working conditions for operators who now work only at above-freezing temperatures
  • Flows are more efficient because wait times have been eliminated along the logistics chain and preparation of goods for shipment is done directly in the bay.
Pizzoli’s automated warehouse under construction

The main challenge: the deep-freeze environment

The new automated warehouse and the connected material handling system are state-of-the-art pallet handling technology. These technologies not only have benefits in terms of performance and energy, but also in the complete integration of the system. The Vectura stacker cranes and the ProMove conveying system are integrated to overcome the challenges of the deep-freeze environment.


Ingenieros Swisslog durante la construcción del almacén
Swisslog engineers at work during construction in Pizzoli

This Industry 4.0 project is made of cement, iron and software, and the optimal integration of all these elements has given rise to a truly innovative warehouse, which has allowed us to create value by synchronizing the logistics chain and innovation in the best way possible.

Alberto Manaresi, Technical Director of Pizzoli

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