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Monorail: Fast and efficient electrified system for pallet transportation

Do you need a transportation system capable of covering long distances compared to traditional transportation in and around your pallet warehouse? Swisslog Monorail is one of the fastest and most efficient systems for the automated transportation of pallets.

Movie: Monorail system at TJ Morris`s automated warehouse

Gentle and noiseless transportation of pallets

Faster and more efficient than conveyor systems, Monorail is a flexible, high capacity electrified system for gently transporting pallets and roll cages over longer distances. Traveling at up to 2 m/sec it can handle more than 600 pallets per hour.

Monorail can be used in deep freeze temperatures down to -30°C and ambient up to 40° C. It carries loads of up to 1,500 kg. Longer twin loads elements can carry 3,000 kg.


The flexible modular design of standard straight, curved and switch tracks, means the layout can be easily adapted. Monorail design options include a hanging rail or one fixed to the floor. Pallet orientation can be with long or short side leading for more flexibility. Roller or chain conveyors are available for Pick-up and Drop-off stations to feed automated pallet warehouses using systems like Swisslog Vectura or PowerStore. Checking stations and preventative maintenance of monorail systems assure up to 99% system uptime.

Gentle goods handling is assured thanks to oscillating hangers that reduce centrifugal forces on curves and switches. Vehicle motors have frequency converters for smooth load handlingoptimized energy consumption, reduced wear and longer operating life. Vulkolan coated wheels ensure very quiet operation (70dB).

  • Proven performance

    Proven, rugged and high performance Monorail system thanks to standard, modular designs and optimized controls.
  • Integrated software solution

    Smooth integration of Monorail in your intralogistics system with Swisslog SynQ software.

  • Monorail expertise

    More than 25 years of successful design and implementation of monorail systems.

What makes Swisslog’s Monorail so unique?

Our modular design is flexible and adaptable to your warehouse needs:

  • More than 25 years' experience implementing integrated Monorail systems.
  • Also available as an integrated part of complete Swisslog systems like CaddyPick.
  • Standardized spare parts widely available for easy, reduced-cost sourcing.
  • Flexible SynQ software modules for smart integration into existing IT environments.
  • Continuous communication makes the system more flexible when assigning load transports to vehicles and re-routing.
  • EMS vehicles have shock-absorbers between the trolley and hanger to absorb centrifugal forces after curves or switches to increase performance.

Want to quickly and easily connect your warehouse? That is exactly what Galbani did using Swisslog Monorail!

Swisslog is seen as an important partner for our core activities, especially concerning technical aspects. Swisslog provides technical solutions and support to ensure the continuation of business activities. Good customer service provides reassurance, something you can rely on.

Enrico Moroni, Plant Technical Manager at Egidio Galbani S.p.A.

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