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Choosing the right warehouse automation partner

6 de octubre de 2023
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In today's globalized world, businesses rely heavily on intralogistics partners to optimize their supply chain operations. Selecting the right partner is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we will discuss key factors to consider when choosing a partner in your country.

Strong Regional or Local Presence

Localized Expertise  

A logistics partner with a strong track record demonstrates their experience and commitment to the local market. Their established network and knowledge of local regulations and infrastructure can facilitate smoother operations and better adaptability to local challenges. 

"Our long-standing presence in the UK has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the local market's nuances. This enables us to offer tailor-made solutions that meet your specific requirements," says James Sharples, Swisslog UK Managing Director. 

Tailored Engineering and Design Expertise

Local Insight 

To better understand and address the unique intricacies of your local situation, it is essential that the partner has localized engineering and design staff. These professionals should possess an in-depth understanding of the local market's specific requirements, infrastructure, and regulations. Their localized expertise can help tailor solutions that are optimized for your specific needs, ensuring maximum operational efficiency. 

Responsive Support  

Efficient operations require prompt responses to system issues and expert troubleshooting for complex problems. Assess whether the partner has a dedicated support staff available to respond quickly to any system issues that may arise. Additionally, evaluate the partner's engineering expertise to handle complex challenges that might emerge during the implementation and operation phases. A partner with a highly skilled engineering team ensures effective problem-solving and minimizes downtime. 

"At Swisslog, our commitment to our customers extends beyond just providing solutions. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to ensure minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency," James emphasizes. 

Warehouse Automation Expertise

Advanced WMS/WCS  

When considering a partner, it is beneficial to determine whether they have their own Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) integrated with intelligent automation capabilities.  

"Our SynQ platform, a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS), empowers businesses to manage their automated operations with precision," highlights James. "It's the heart of our automation solutions." 

Cutting-Edge Automation Systems 

The logistics landscape is rapidly evolving, with automation playing a crucial role in optimizing warehouse operations. Therefore, it is essential to assess whether the partner has deployed the best and latest automation systems in your region. Cutting-edge automation technologies such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and automated sortation systems can streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance throughput, ultimately improving your overall intralogistics efficiency. 

"Our investments in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and automated sortation systems have enabled our clients to achieve remarkable efficiency gains. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of automation technology is unwavering," James states. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data Analytics and Simulation Capabilities 

In the era of data-driven decision-making, a partner equipped with a data analytics solution can significantly enhance your warehouse operations. Such a solution utilizes advanced analytics tools and simulation techniques to provide valuable insights into your supply chain. It can help optimize inventory management, improve order fulfilment, identify bottlenecks, and forecast demand, enabling you to make informed business decisions and drive continuous improvement. 

"Our SynQ software solution harnesses the power of predictive analytics to provide actionable insights. With it, we've helped customers reduce operating costs, improve order accuracy, and increase throughput," James shares. 

The Bottom Line

When selecting an intralogistics and warehouse automation partner, it is crucial to consider factors such as strong regional presence, localized expertise, responsive support staff, ownership of a robust WMS/WCS, deployment of cutting-edge automation systems, and data analytics capabilities. Swisslog, with a global footprint and local expertise in over 25 countries, excels in meeting these criteria. Through our extensive network, localized understanding, responsive support, advanced technology solutions like SynQ, and data-driven approach, Swisslog is well-equipped to be a reliable and efficient intralogistics and warehouse automation partner. By choosing Swisslog, businesses can optimize their supply chain operations, drive growth, and achieve long-term success. 

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