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Storage shuttle systems for high throughput logistics

Do you need a storage shuttle system for your small load or pallet warehouse? Swisslog’s shuttle technologies integrate perfectly into logistics solutions.

Fast & accurate automated storage shuttle systems

Together with increasing throughput in busy warehouses, storage shuttle systems deliver high redundancy and speedy error recovery. These efficient technologies offer increased storage density and perfect integration in even the most unconventional buildings. Releasing stock in the correct sequence, light goods shuttle systems can serve as a buffer during peak times.

PowerStore Swisslog Storage Shuttle Systems for Pallets
Storage shuttle system for pallets: PowerStore

Storage shuttle solutions from Swisslog

With Technology Centers in Austria and Sweden, Swisslog leads the way in storage and shuttle technologies. By handling our own production and applying our years of experience, we promise to deliver high quality automated logistics solutions to our customers. 

With its storage shuttle systems, Swisslog offers its intelligent warehouse management software SynQ – packed with a world of features and integration expertise to match. Storage shuttle components share many similarities with pallet cranes and miniload cranes like Tornado, which Swisslog has over a decade of experience in delivering.

Shuttle systems for pallets and small loads

Swisslog offers two storage shuttle systems: high density pallet solution, PowerStore, and dynamic small load solution, CycloneCarrier. 

The modularity of the PowerStore pallet shuttle system enabled Swisslog customer Pepsi to increase storage capacity by 60%. The solution can also be individually adapted for all shapes and sizes of warehouse buildings.

The CycloneCarrier small load shuttle system allowed Swisslog customer Alnatura to increase throughput and availability. The solution is ideal in Retail & E-commerce for returns handling, replenishment, or buffer for order consolidation.

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