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BevChain, Australia: PowerStore Improving Automation Lifecycle

BevChain, a leading beverage giant, has increased storage utilisation by up to 60% in their existing facility.

Next generation PowerStore automation creating a safer workplace

A wholly owned subsidiary of Linfox, BevChain leads the industry with the installation of PowerStore in their existing 24/6 facility, that includes over 30,000 pallet locations over five levels.  Swisslog’s advancedSynQ software is fully integrated with BevChain’s warehouse management system and creates a seamless operation. It ensures full traceability and trackability including batch numbers and visibility on storage and throughput, using automation for receipt despatch.

A dedicated on-site system operations team

To further enhance operational efficiency, and to ensure the system is always operating at optimal levels, BevChain partnered with Swisslog to bring on board a highly trained Swisslog system operations team to work in collaboration with BevChain on-site.  This core team strongly supports and works closely with BevChain to provide software support, training, condition monitoring and spare parts maintenance, to improve the overall lifecycle of the automation. They are focused on BevChain’s requirements and expertly perform the complex task of maintaining continuous system performance.

BevChain on-site team working with Swisslog
The onsite team have extensive site knowledge and ensure the operation runs at full capacity
Misha Shliapnikoff, Linfox President, BevChain Linfox Australia

We value the highly skilled, onsite Swisslog team who work in partnership with our people. They provide vital insights, immediate incident response and proactively monitor equipment to ensure maximum efficiency over its life span. This site represents BevChain’s commitment to work smarter for our customers. We continue to invest in their future with high performing supply chains and bestin- class technology.

Misha Shliapnikoff, Linfox President, BevChain Linfox Australia
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