Swisslog and Albert Heijn unveil new automated Home Shop Center in Zwolle

Albert Heijn, in collaboration with Swisslog, has opened a new state-of-the-art Home Shop Center (HSC) in Zwolle with a grand opening ceremony. Following the successful implementation of their first automated HSC in Barendrecht, this second facility continues Albert Heijn's commitment to enhancing e-commerce capabilities through advanced automation technologies. The Zwolle HSC aims to handle an impressive 55,000 orders each week.

Human and robot synergy

The new HSC will utilize a combination of robots and advanced software systems to automate the collection and packing of groceries. The AutoStore system, a robotic storage and order picking solution, ensures fast and accurate order fulfillment. QuickMove conveyors facilitate the seamless movement of goods within the warehouse, while the integration of SynQ software enhances overall warehouse management. 

With around 300 robots, the Zwolle HSC will operate at peak efficiency, significantly reducing the manual workload for employees. This integration of human and technological resources will ensure high-quality service and fresh product handling for customers.


Innovative and sustainable solutions

With a BREEAM certified building environment, the Zwolle HSC demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. The implementation of energy efficient robotics and modern control technology ensures that the energy consumption of the entire system is extremely low. These measures significantly contribute to Albert Heijn's environmental responsibility.

The innovative and eco-friendly design ensures that the Zwolle HSC is not only efficient but also aligns with Albert Heijn’s sustainability goals. 


Setting new standards

Albert Heijn and Swisslog first collaborated on the Barendrecht HSC, which set a new standard for automated grocery fulfillment. This initial project involved automating the warehouse with the AutoStore system, enabling the handling of 45,000 orders weekly. The Barendrecht HSC has been instrumental in refining the processes and technologies now being implemented in Zwolle. 

Giulia Colombi, Swisslog’s Head of EMEA Region, added, "Our partnership with Albert Heijn in developing the Barendrecht and Zwolle HSCs showcases the potential of automation in revolutionizing grocery fulfillment. We are proud to support Albert Heijn's vision of innovation and sustainability through our advanced technology and expertise."

With the Zwolle HSC now in operation, Albert Heijn's position at the forefront of e-commerce in the supermarket industry is further solidified. 

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