In 2021, Nordic logistics company Bring launched “Shelfless” – a service for e-tailers in which Bring manages their entire logistics flow. The solution prioritizes speed, which is one of the reasons for automating intralogistics processes with Swisslog.

Four highly automated fulfillment centers

Four highly automated fulfillment centers, located near the most densely populated areas in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, are critical components of the Shelfless solution.

The automated storage and retrieval system, AutoStore, integrated with other intralogistics solutions and software, is the core of the centers, which were developed in collaboration with Swisslog.

Cost-efficient and sustainable

Shelfless is aimed at regional and international e-tailers and distributors who want to strengthen their position in the Nordics by using a cost-efficient, fast, and sustainable fulfilment solution. And here, automation is a key differentiator.

Just like many other firms in the logistics industry, Bring chose the proven AutoStore solution because of its density, efficiency and scalability.

We had a clear picture of the solution that we wanted to put in place and Swisslog gave us the most complete proposal, where they took an overall approach over the entire integrated solution, connecting and integrating the AutoStores to all the other vital components in the fulfilment centers.

Tobias Åbonde, Nordic Director at Shelfless

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