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SAP EWM: Integrated Warehouse Management Solution by Swisslog

Do you need an efficient warehouse management solution that is integrated into your SAP ERP environment? Swisslog’s software offering includes a seamless integration with the SAP EWM system.

Reduced number of interfaces in your Warehouse with a seemless SAP EWM integration

SAP EWM is a highly standardized and efficient warehouse management system for manual and automated warehouse solutions with material flow functionality that allows the direct connection of PLC-level controls.

SAP EWM can be run as an embedded module integrated in the SAP ERP S/4 HANA landscape or as a decentralized system. The advanced functions improve operational processes and increase transparency in the warehouse.


Swisslog is SAP EWM partner

The high level of standardization minimizes risk of error and failure rates in daily operations, resulting in a high degree of employee satisfaction and ensuring maximum throughput. The comprehensive mobile warehouse functions (RF for mobile devices), which come standard with SAP EWM, or Value Added Services, cross-docking processes or the integrated Material Flow System are compelling reasons to invest in SAP EWM. Of course, SAP EWM offers a complete Warehouse Management Monitor with Warehouse Cockpit options.

One of the main benefits of SAP EWM is its excellent integration in today’s SAP world and its ability to leverage existing SAP expertise and associated tools such as SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) to analyze large volumes of data in order to obtain meaningful information for sound decisions.

  • Integrated software solution

    The SAP EWM solution is integrated into Swisslog’s automated warehouse and distribution systems.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Swisslog offers 24/7 customer application support around the world.
  • First one-stop supplier of AutoStore and SAP EWM

    Swisslog is the first system integrator to offer AutoStore, the automated compact warehouse system, with connectivity to SAP EWM from a single source.

Modular and reliable software solution for your warehouse

  • Our software expertise ensures the seamless connection of our technologies to existing SAP systems. Our customers receive everything from a single source: conveniently, reliably, and safely.
  • Easy user guidance: All screen displays and dialogs are clearly organized and easy to follow.
  • 24/7 worldwide application support for our customers
  • First one-stop supplier of Software solution from a single source for AutoStore storage and retrieval system.

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