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Varner, Sweden: New and efficient distribution center

Varner is one of Scandinavia’s leading textile companies, with close to 11,000 employees. Their 1,500 stores are represented in eight countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Germany and Austria. Varner has invested in an automated high-bay warehouse for improved efficiency and sustainable future growth.

A future-proof and state-of-the-art solution

The facility in Vänersborg is both a central warehouse and a competence center that brings together the Group‘s personnel within logistics and supply chain management.

The entire facility is built to be able to be expanded in a cost-effective manner.

Movie: Automated warehouse solution at Varner in Sweden.

Flexible, cost efficient and green

Varner‘s new distribution center is a complete solution that handles today‘s demands for omni-channel; in other words, supply chain operations on the customer‘s terms, whether they buy in the store or online. Therefore, there is a specific area of the new central warehouse dedicated to the growing e-commerce business, which for the most part, is fully automated.

High-bay warehouse at Varner's central distribution center in Sweden.

De manera interna, hemos tenido el objetivo de construir «el mejor almacén del mundo» para enfrentarnos a desafíos durante el proyecto y después de este. Durante el trabajo, me he dado cuenta de que la cooperación y el proceso real han funcionado muy bien. Hemos obtenido una solución flexible, rentable, ergonómica y ecológica.

Anders Eriksson, Director Logístico de Varner

Designing the World's Best Warehouse

Modern Materials Handling Editor Bob Trebilcock calls it one of the most highly automated and flexible retail distribution centers he's ever seen. In the cover story of the publication's April issue, Varner talks about enlisting help from Swisslog to design and build one of the most highly automated, omni-channel retail distribution centers.

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