A leader in healthcare services, Cardinal Health has revolutionized its operations through advanced automation and optimized order efficiency, ensuring timely delivery from shelf to patient.

AutoStore empowered by Swisslog

The solution

Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions enlisted Swisslog to design distribution operations for the new 208,144 square feet facility. The design involved deploying an advanced Swisslog AutoStore solution and Swisslog's SynQ software integration. The goods-to-person system features high-density storage of 31,844 bins and two workstations. Additionally, Swisslog's SynQ software integration provided real-time visibility and control over inventory, orders, and delivery schedules, enabling proactive decision-making and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Swisslog SynQ Software

The result

Cardinal Health experienced an improvement in order accuracy and timeliness, reducing errors and delays in order fulfillment. The streamlined workflow and optimized processes led to increased productivity and throughput, allowing them to meet customer demands more effectively. Furthermore, Swisslog's SynQ software enabled better inventory management, reducing stock outs and improving inventory turnover. Overall, Cardinal Health achieved operational excellence, delivering the right products to patients at the right time with enhanced efficiency and reliability.

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