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Weiling, Germany: Expandable logistics for organic food

Weiling GmbH, with its headquarters in Coesfeld, is one of Germany's largest retail companies for organic food. It has laid the foundation for additional growth and high efficiency with a new automatic high-bay warehouse and an AutoStore system for dry products.

Automatic high-bay warehouse

The new installation expands the inventory logistics of the organic company, which wanted to significantly widen its product range, continue to ensure reliable and short-term delivery times and reduce error rates. Swisslog designed and built a double-deep pallet high-bay warehouse with two-aisles and 6,341 storage locations for Euro pallets along with two Vectura stacker cranes. The products stored here primarily include fast-moving mass products, such as tomato products, mineral water and wine.

Two Vectura stacker cranes ensure the fully automatic storage and retrieval of all pallets.

AutoStore for slow-moving items

Weiling opted for an AutoStore system from Swisslog to store slow-moving goods from its product range. It boasts more than 47,000 gross container spaces and can accommodate up to 6,000 different articles. 37 AutoStore robots ensure that goods flow smoothly within the system. Orders are picked at twelve carousel ports and stored via two conveyor ports. The modular design of AutoStore allows the organic retailer to easily expand the system at any time. 

The AutoStore container system is used to store slow-moving products at Weiling.

AutoStore is the best-suited system for our requirements.

Henrik Hauser, Head of Weiling GmbH South

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