Automated Medication Management with Swisslog Healthcare Products

Medication Management

Improve pharmacy productivity, reduce costs and deliver better service.

Managing, storing and dispensing medications accurately and on time is mission critical in any pharmacy environment, whether inpatient, outpatient, alternate site or retail. When you automate time-consuming tasks such as medication packaging, dispensing, storage and retrieval, your hospital can see a more efficient flow of medication and information throughout the organization.

Our automated medication management solutions and software help streamline workflows and reduce errors, giving your pharmacy staff both more face time with patients and faster transaction time.

Our medication management solutions will help you:

  • Reduce wait time and errors
  • Efficiently manage inventory and reduce drug costs
  • Streamline returns and expired medication tracking
  • Administer doses to patients on time
  • Optimize pharmacy workflows without adding staff
  • Contribute to improvements in the overall quality of service delivered by the hospital

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