Carriers and Storage Units

Achieve safe, reliable transport with a snap. TransLogic Carriers safely and reliably transport lab specimens, IVs, pharmaceuticals, documents, supplies and other materials throughout your hospital’s pneumatic tube system. Solid, durable and even colorful, our pneumatic tube system carriers protect contents as they travel and are easy to load and unload thanks to a side-open design.

Carrier options:

We offer three different carrier designs, all of which can be mixed and matched for transit in your tube system:


Get on your way to safe, reliable transport with our Universal Carrier, built to withstand the toughest conditions. Fits in all our pneumatic tube systems and many competitors’.

  • Patented DuraBands™ for longer life

  • One-step closure for vertical storage

  • 6-inch and 4-inch sizes

>> Download: Universal Carriers Brochure


Achieve sealed delivery in an instant with the easiest-to-use carrier of its kind available. Leak-resistant features prevent accidental spills and the potential spread of pathogens during transport.

  • One-step closure

  • Leak-resistant

  • Full-perimeter seal

  • 6-inch and 4-inch sizes

>> Download: NexSealTM Leak-Resistant Carriers (4-inch) Brochure

>> Download: NexSealTM Leak-Resistant Carriers (6-inch) Brochure 


 Leak-resistant carriers lock down liquids and guard against the spread of pathogens.

  • Leak-resistant

  • For material containment

  • 6-inch size only

Carrier body options include:

  • Color body: Five color options for easy identification of departments or uses

  • Half-color body: Easily view contents while still providing a color ID

  • RFID tags: Provide tracking and traceability of transactions

Carrier and storage accessories include:

  • Carrier storage module: Stores carriers at high-volume transaction stations

  • Zip N’ Fold® Pouches: Provide maximum protection from spills

  • Carrier liners: Cushions and support payloads during transport

  • Whisper Receiving System: Significantly lessens the noise of incoming carriers

  • Cleanout kits: For removing spilled liquids from the system

  • Station access door: Controls access at recessed stations

Carrier storage

Build in convenient storage for carriers awaiting pickup or not in use. The carrier storage unit stores up to 39 4-inch carriers or 16 6-inch carriers. Soft walls dampen noise, and the unit is designed to be flush-mounted into a finished wall, requiring no additional floor space.

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