Retail Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy

Our retail pharmacy solutions can help optimize retail space and increase medication safety to retain customers and shore up profits.

To maximize profit potential, retail pharmacies need to focus on hiring good staff, maximizing front-end space for high-profit sales and attracting and retaining more patients.

Then there’s the push to minimize costly errors. According to a studyfour errors for every 250 prescriptions filled occur on average. These errors could cost thousands of dollars each year.

Learn more about Swisslog Healthcare solutions and services that help retail pharmacies to stay competitive and be able to guarantee a level of medication safety that keeps customers coming through the doors.

Our services and solutions for retail pharmacies include:

DreamTec Pharmacy Stock Automation and Dispensing System

Multi-tasking medication storage and retrieval that optimizes storage locations based on product demand.

EvoTec Pharmacy Automation Robot

A scalable, high-density medication management solution that loads, stores and retrieves safely and rapidly.

TwinTec Pharmacy Stock Automation and Dispensing System

High-speed, automated medication storage and retrieval for smaller outpatient and retail pharmacy environments.

UniPickTM Drug Dispensing System

Automated drug dispensing that streamlines operations so pharmacists have more time to focus on patients.

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