Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Facility

In-facility packaging and dispensing is transforming long-term care facility workflows. It minimizes waste and eliminates the wait for medication administration.

Why Choose Automated Dispensing 

Long-term care facilities face tremendous pressure today. Declining profitability due to payer shifts has led to budget constraints and increased staff oversight. Nurses are dissatisfied, affecting residents’ experience.

As long-term care facilities seek to satisfy nurses, residents and their families while delivering the highest quality care, medication dispensing is shifting from traditional blister cards to automated, on-site packaging and dispensing.


How On-Site Packaging Saves Time

When medications are packaged on-site, facilities shorten the time to administration. Compared to traditional blister cards, the number of steps is reduced by 50%. This dramatically decreases the time needed to prepare for scheduled medication passes. 

Unlike typical medication delivery methods, changing prescriptions or patient discharges no longer create avoidable waste. Nurses quickly package pharmacist-approved medications before each med pass, or on-demand for new residents, first doses, STAT orders and PRNs.

Partner with Swisslog Healthcare to evaluate the savings opportunities with in-facility dispensing and connect with our network of pharmacy partners. 


Our solution for long-term care pharmacies:

InSite® In-Facility Medication Packaging and Dispensing System

The InSite System definitely saves us time on our med-pass. It saves us about 50% than previously so we have more time to spend with residents and give them quality care.

Long-term care nurse, Milner Community Healthcare, Rossville, Indiana

InSite ensures residents receive correct medications in long-term care facilities

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