Warehouse Management

Along with a consolidated service center comes the need for system-wide visibility into your supply chain. With warehouse management, software and solutions log the ins and outs of all your supplies – controlling inventory, enhancing multi-site distribution and ultimately, saving time and costs so you can deliver better care.

Orchestrate the flow of materials.

From picking products for daily deliveries to tracking inventory, warehouse management is the first step in a med-surg supply chain experience. Timely, accurate deliveries from the consolidated service center to the care setting enable efficient care, and optimized inventory levels mean less waste.

Together, these efficiencies free up costs allowing investment in more critical areas of your budget. And in the end, the patient benefits too, with a smoother and safer care experience.

Disorganization is costing you money.

Traditional warehouses tend to fill up quickly, and many items may slip through the cracks, usually due to age or lack of tracking. It takes time to find things, and the overall storage space may frequently become disorganized. Down the line, this can mean that you suddenly run out of stock, delaying or distressing patient care.

Our warehouse management solutions:

Thanks to our expertise in both warehousing and healthcare automation, we’re uniquely poised (and, in fact, the only ones) to connect supply chain to patient outcomes.

We actively manage supply distribution from the same framework as pharmacy inventory management and delivery tracking, an approach that can improve the way you do business and care for patients – even if you already have a consolidated service center up and running.

AutoStore® Automated Storage and Picking System

With AutoStore, warehousing becomes more compactmore accurate and more efficient.

Increase picking speed up to 50%, decrease your storage footprint by 60% and reduce picking errors by 90% with this hard-working warehouse automation system.

Warehouse Manager

Orchestrate material movement with this intuitive, highly configurable software system that’s designed to handle the complexity of healthcare supply chains.

Thanks to the Warehouse Manager software, you can achieve greater visibility, security and cost savings.

We chose the Swisslog Warehouse Manager software and AutoStore platform because of their proven ability to streamline operational processes such as space utilization, labor productivity and demand planning. AutoStore will enable us to pick vital supplies at a significantly higher accuracy and velocity rate. This will ensure that when we are ready to expand our operation, our systems are poised to handle our growth.

Dennis Mullins, Vice President Supply Chain Operations, Indiana University Health
AutoStore: Efficient storage and order picking system for single items and small cases.

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Achieving Supply Chain Transformation Through Consolidation

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Learn how to implement effective supply chain strategies to drive down costs, improve patient outcomes and support high-margin services.

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