Supply Distribution

Through your consolidated service center, you order, store and distribute healthcare products among the facilities in your system. Supply distribution deals with how those supplies (from the central warehouse) get distributed (to the various hospitals and facilities within your system or network). Practically, it’s the process of deploying fleets, inventories and analytics to meet the material needs of the healthcare facilities in your network.

From the warehouse to where care happens.

 By actively managing supply distribution from the same vendor who supports your pharmacy inventory management and delivery tracking, you can directly connect the supply chain to patient outcomes no matter whether the care location is 100 feet down the hall or a 100-mile drive away.

When considering your approach, keep in mind that a good solution enables you to distribute supplies with:

  • tracking

  • accuracy

  • on-time arrival

  • cost savings

Consolidated service center solutions include options for automated warehouse management and automated transport within your facility.

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Achieving Supply Chain Transformation Through Consolidation

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Learn how to implement effective supply chain strategies to drive down costs, improve patient outcomes and support high-margin services.

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