Flexible material handling with automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems automate workflows by managing and executing transport tasks based on optimized and flexible strategies. The systems are very flexible. Do you need more throughput? Then add more AGVs. Compared to conveyors, AGVs can be moved to another facility very easily. One AGV can replace the other during maintenance, providing maximum availability in your daily operation.    

Ideal for most types of material handling, AGVs safely and reliably fulfill their duties. With modern navigation options and customized load handling, these AGVs are efficient in highly complex logistics systems and simple A-B scenarios. Swisslog AGVs can operate as a stand-alone system or, if connected to an ERP, as a fully integrated subsystem of a complete plant.

Movie: Swisslog AGVs to automate transportation and improve warehouse efficiency
  • Tailored solution

    The AGVs can be customized to your unique load handling requirements.

  • Smart software integration

    Integrated software solution with SynQ allowing integration scenario in existing IT environments for an efficient realization and flow of goods. 

  • Expertise

    45 years’ experience of AGV integration with more than 2,000 running globally.

What makes Swisslog’s AGVs so unique? 

  • More than 45 years’ experience in the AGV business allows us to design your system with the experience of countless successful projects.
  • The combined R&D resources of KUKA and Swisslog provide first class AGVs – mobile robots.
  • Large service network around the globe ensures quick and reliable service.
  • On-time and easily calculable transport process.
  • Less dependence on personnel; reduced associated costs.
  • Minimized transport damages and delivery errors.
  • High availability and reliability.
  • Traceability of transported goods.


Imagine if you could increase throughput and stay flexible? That’s exactly what AMAG did! 

Together with Swisslog we created a distribution center that is perfectly equipped for future challenges. We can handle order throughput times of only one hour even with higher volumes

Heinrich Maurer, Head of Logistics Services, AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG
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