Mai Dubai, UAE: Automated pallet logistics for beverage production

Mai Dubai is the official bottled water partner for Emirates Airlines. The water producer enjoys an excellent reputation, well known beyond the United Arab Emirates. Deliveries go to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and 13 other countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. Swisslog is the partner for the automated logistics system at its new production area in Dubai.

Efficiency in the flow of goods through automation

To meet steadily climbing demand, the company decided at the end of 2016 to further expand production by 2020.

Key to the material and goods flow concept, which guarantees process-optimized transports between receiving the raw products and packaging materials warehouse, the production lines, the finished goods warehouse and the shipping lanes are our state-of-the-art warehouse technology components. It includes pallet stacker cranes and a monorail transportation system with 44 trolleys.


Video: Former Mai Dubai CEO talks about the project at Materials Handling Middle East exhibition 2017.

IT Infrastructure for now and future days

The complete solution for end-to-end material flow is able to handle considerable increases in capacity in the coming years. The control of all logistics components goes through our powerful WMS/control software that includes the warehouse management & material flow control component. It is flexibly expandable, modular and ready for big data intelligence tools, as well as being adaptable over time.

Swisslog delivered 2 pallet high bay warehouses for raw and finished goods storage.

How Swisslog helps Mai Dubai to meet their targets

  • Complete system design, engineering, simulation, implementation and integration of two high-bay warehouses with associated monorail and conveyor technology
  • Warehouse management software & material flow control, flexible and expandable for Industry 4.0 applications
  • Facility visualization, user training, after-sales service
Jay Andres, former CEO of Mai Dubai

The process optimizations we are targeting are a crucial prerequisite for remaining competitive on the market over the long term. For intralogistics, Swisslog is at our side.

Jay Andres, Former CEO of Mai Dubai LLC
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